Headspace Gauges

Headspace Gauges

Headspace Gauges1

At Clymer, we manufacture our Headspace gauges from precision ground hardened US steel to SAAMI’s ANSI tolerances.

Headspace is the distance between breech face and the base of the cartridge when the action is closed. It is best to remove the extractor, ejector, and firing pin from the bolt to achieve optimal results when checking headspace.

The use of both GO and NO-GO headpsace gauges is essential for all newly reamed chambers. This ensures a safe and accurate chamber that will accept SAAMI maximum ammo. Warning – Never force an action closed on any gauge.

Clymer offers GO and NO-GO lengths on all Standard calibers as well as FIELD lengths on Rimless Rifle calibers.

We produce manufactures incremental Sets. These sets include 11 gauges, each one clearly marked in .001″ increments. This gives you the ability to know precisely your chamber depth.

Below you will find our Headspace Gauge Interchangeability Sheet. Some SAAMI calibers use the same headspace gauge as another caliber.

Gauge NameAlso Used With These Calibers
22 LR22 Short, 22 Long, 22 Bentz, 22 Match
22 WMRF22 WRF, 17 HMR, 22 RF
22 HORNETHornet Based Wildcats
223 REM6 x 45
25-20218 Bee, 218 Mashburn Bee, 32-20
7 x 57257 Roberts
284 WIN22/284, 6mm/284, 25/284, 6.5/284, 270/284, 30/284, 35/284
308 WIN243 Win, 7mm/08, 358 Win, 260 Rem
30-06 SPRG25/06, 6.5/06, 270 Win, 8mm/06, 338/06, 35 Whelen
300 RUM375 RUM, 7mm RUM
300 WSM270 WSM, 325 WSM, All 300 & 270WSM Based Case
(NOTE: 7mm WSM is Different)
30-30 WIN219 Zipper, 219 Zipper Imp, 219 Don-Wasp, 25-35, 7-30 Waters, 7mm Int’R, 30-30 Based Wildcats, 30 Herrett, 303 Savage, 307 Win, 32-40, 32 Win, 356 Win, 357 Herrett, 375 Win, 38-55 Win
30-40 KRAG303 British
357 MAG256 Win Mag, 357 Max, 38 Special, 22 Rem Jet
44 REM MAG44 Special
45-70 GOVT33 Win, 348 Win
BELTED.535″ Based Belted Calibers, 300Win, 350Rem, 375H&H
BR Rem22 Rem BR, 6mm Rem BR, 7mm Rem BR

To download this table, click here (XLS)